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Η OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE in exclusive partnership with associate who owns Professional Printing Machines in Braille, endowed with technical features and specialized equipment, offers services of printing forms in Braille (on both solid paper which stands the test of time, but also on waterproof plastic paper which can be wiped), internal and external plates, engraved personalized items, professional cards in Braille, printing on different materials.

Tanslating catalogues for vision impaired persons is a simple, easy and low cost procedure. You send us your catalogue or the text you wish to translate and we will convert it into Braille.

You will become one of the pioneering businesses, meeting the needs of vulnerable people and gain them as your future customers. It is a small step toward creating a trustworthy climate which will bring satisfaction on both sides.

Braille printings will be made on special resistant paper which can hold the engravings on the surface and can be used multiple times. The paper is measured to 30.5 cm length and 23 cm width A4. The cost of creating, processing, printing and adjusting the first master depends on the material used (paper or plastic) and the number of pages in the catalogue. We will also need the text of your catalogue in 2 different word documents (one for Greek catalogue and one for English). The final price is based on the number of the items to be printed.

The order will have attached the similar version Braille in Greek, while the catalogue is binded with screws which allows to replace the pages (e.g price change) avoiding the whole replacement of the catalogue, saving maintenance and replacement costs.

It is important to mention that the printed forms in Braille system include texts only, no photographs or illustrations, which means diminishing considerably the size of the transcription. At the same time is important to bear in mind that Braille system requires more space, correspondence 1 to 4, but there is only one font type and size.

For example, for a 15 page catalogue in Braille there are 3-4 pages in word respectively and the final cost depends on the number of Braille pages printed. In this catalogue we can add coloured or three-dimensional covers which is a regular combination for Braille texts, we can add the title, important information or anything else deemed important and all these done at low cost. Should you prefer the coloured covers, then you must send it by email. Otherwise we add unwritten covers to protect Braille system text, at no extra cost in this case.

Once we receive the catalogue e-text (as a word document) we need to confirm that you have made an advance payment in the bank so that we can proceed to completing the order in 1-3 days while delivering the product depends on the way chosen by you.

We recommend that every business and its branches should have at least 1-3 Braille catalogues. We can always reprint quickly other issues without adding extra cost.

The transport and deliver of printed forms Braille can be done using Greek postal services or a courier service with payment done in cash at delivery time, by the beneficiary.

Should you wish to chose another way of delivery, you must inform us to make the necessary payment adjustments.

Payment methods and payoff: advance forefront payment of 50% as a deposit in bank account followed by pay off using cash on delivery of the product. We need to issue invoices, receipts and therefore we need all your fiscal information: taxpayer number, name of the company, address etc.

We are here to help you with any information or to answer your questions.


For information regarding Braille system catalogue issue, please contact us, daily, between:8:30-16:00 at(+30) 6947454224 or write to us at:




  • At the beginning of 2019 a new law came into force regarding the hospitality field. All the coffee shops,bars and restaurants must have price catalogues in Braille system to help people with severe vision impairments. There are huge fines if the law is not abide or ignored.
  • On 30th of August 2017 article 70 was published which states that “the managers of the coffee shops, restaurants, bars and other entertainment places are obliged to provide a price catalogue to people with severe vision impairments”. If they infringe the law and are not able to do so, they are liable to pay 500 euro fine.
  • According to the Greek laws, more specifically Nr.4488/2017, the Greek Braille system acknowledges this as the writing method for blind people. The government is obliged to take measures to meet the needs of this category of vulnerable people so as to reintegrate them in society. They shouldn’t be discriminated against but regarded as customers in the hospitality field.
  • Once with the official acknowledgment of Braille system, the coffee shops, restaurants, bars and other entertainment places should have price catalogues in Braille system. No customer should be discriminated against regardless of race, gender, disability. All the customers should have equal access to information and to the services offered in places of entertainment.
  • Therefore all the managers in these places will be obliged to transcript their catalogues in Braille system in a short period of time. Otherwise they should order new catalogues with Braille system included, a law provision considered fair as to reinforce the idea that people have the same rights. It also makes the owner of these shops more considerate towards the needs of our fellow people who are less fortunate.

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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is a greek company headquartered in Brasov, Romania. We are specialized in high level consultancy for the greek companies willing to invest in Romania.

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