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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE transforms the way of presenting and promoting services and products. Our new feature “ OPA MP4” provides businesses with both a drive and the ideal tool to access the digital presentation.

Do you own a company and you want to promote your advertising spot using modern technology in coffee shops, restaurants, bars or supermarkets? Do you want it done with lowest possible cost compared to classical printing? No worries.

Do you own a space in hospitality field and you wish to attract more customers and let them enjoy your services for longer time? We offer low cost charging solutions for your customers’ electronic devices.

OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE offers you the devices “OPA MP4” which are both Android powered devices and chargers and we can install them in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and banks all over Romania and Greece. OPA MP4 includes a powerbank charger with large storage capacity (20800mAH) and are endowed with cables that fit all the smartphone brands, tablets etc. They have touch screen and once linked to WI-FI you will be able to upload ads remotely, using your computer. Our device has one LCD screen on one side, while the other can be used for brochures or products catalogue.

The files to be presented are either images or videos. You may upload all your computer files and create a playtask, which consequently will be disseminated through internet at all OPA devices.

This technology is destined to all businessess no matter if it is a window shop in high street or a more sophisticated one which wants to promotes its products and make the necessary amendments online.

Advertising spots promoting live and dynamic messages replace gradually the posters and the stickers. Choose the mode which you prefer and we will offer a product tailored to your needs.

The electronic means represent an important part in communication and presentation of products for every business. You may now transform your hospitality space and present your customers with a digital exhibition of your products thus changing also the communication methods.

Screen usage is nowadays one of trendiest and modern way to promote digital advertising. The possibility to present immediate multiple messages, compared to unidimensional feature of the poster has many advantages both in what concerns the communication and as sales point contact with the consumer and the cost of the product.

“OPA MP4” is not only an aesthetic acquisition for your business, but also act as a tool to convince the consumer to change the way he/she sees a product, to guide him to a new way of communicating your needs to make him/her wanting to purchase the product. The digital advertising will help you raise your sales and bring a well deserved recognition of your brand.

“OPA MP4” of OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE enables you to pass a prompt and easy message to the customers, “clever” messages which will guide him/her into the market. All the information may be updated daily and in real time even remotely. Moreover we managed to reduce the communication costs of the business as we will replace all the printed advertising products with digital ones.

Why should you opt for "OPA MP4" and forOLYMPUS PROJECT ASEto create your e-advertising campaign?

Low Cost

You will benefit from low advertising costs re-using the ad space and the update of the content without adding supplementary printing costs.

Consumer’s Experience

It improves the consumer’s experience, offering both live informative messages and entertainment content. It offers an immediate service to all the customers making them believe that they need these products and they will use them.

Additional Resources

It may be regarded as an additional way to increase your income by offering/selling your advertising space to suppliers or any other businessess.

Sales Increase

The digital advertising emphasizes your business, empowers the consumer’s trust and experience leading to increase in sales. The customers will be “enraptured” for 10-20 minutes watching the screen using this practical and innovative method.




Technical specifications of “OPA MP4”
  • USB port charging cables for all types of mobile phones
  • charging simultaneously 3 mobile phones
  • 7” IPS screen, with 1080p HD resolution
  • Can display videos and images simultaneously
  • Remote control for ON/OFF launching a new ad spot
  • Big storage lithium battery 20800 mAh

How many times have you run out of your cell phone battery? You were afraid to miss an important call and you asked the waiter or the barman to plug it somewhere.What happens if you don’t have the charger with you or the plug is not available? The only thing that you need to do to quickly charge your device when outdoors, is to step into one of these spaces that offer this solution. This device described above has already been installed in some coffee shops,bars, restaurants, hotels all over Greece and everybody is enthusiastic, including owners and customers, as charging mobile phones or tablets was an issue that was not always easy to tackle.

  • A video seems to be 7 times more enticing than a poster
  • The digital advertising attracts a potential customer much more and keeps them in the shop for much longer
  • More than 74% of the decisions to purchase are made in the shop itself, a fact that underlines that in-store digital ad presentations shape the sales prognosis
  • Two out of three adult consumers state that are more satisfied when they watch a digital ad and have a positive impact on their final decision to buy a product
  • The screens which offer detailed information play an important role in developing the relations between business owners and customers

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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is a greek company headquartered in Brasov, Romania. We are specialized in high level consultancy for the greek companies willing to invest in Romania.

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