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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is a company offering complete graphic design and printing services which succeeded in a very short time to gain the customers’ trust. We are working with specialized and experienced partners in the field and therefore we can undertake any demanding projects regardless of size. You will find here an expert who will promote the advertising campaign for your company using both classical printing techniques and digital.

We will help you to build a company that differs from other competitors and which develops at a rapid pace.

We aim at providing a complete package of quick and versatile services tailored for all the needs of a professional.

We offer a wide range of products such as: printed brochures, flyers, stickers made according to the desired size, commercial flags and screens.

We work with the best professionals in the art-creative department, during the production stage and distribution in Greece and in Romania as we always want to deliver a quality service for your business.

We do not regard you as being just “another customer” but as our partner. We want your business to succeed as much as you want. Everything that we create is like playing a role and we are both the main characters.

  • Our company has a wide range of printing products and we are open to new ideas and technologies so that we provide high quality services and make you happy.
  • To become an independent printing company with a wide range of services, to become one of the best in the field so that we as staff are able to supply our products in a healthy economic and social business climate.
  • Our goal is to provide the printing services for our customers and deliver the best result to meet their needs in terms of time, cost and efficiency and compliance.

We undertake a wide range of activities covering printing and production of impressive sized advertising items. We can print a small business card as well as your brochure, flyers, a birthday party invitation, a theater play programme. We possess the knowledge, the experience and the equipment to provide a high quality product at a fair price. Among our products there are: printed forms, labels, big size printing, exhibition stands and other advertising products.

Perhaps any brilliant idea starts from a piece of paper and a pencil but it needs the proper implementation so that this idea comes to life and is launched! OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE represents your close daily partner who is always by your side to guide you, to offer solutions and put your ideas into practice!

  • Quick

Our main task is to deliver our customers high quality and functional products AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  • Delivering

We aim at delivering your order in no time. We strive to deliver the same day if it is vital. We have managed that and we can prove it.

  • Quality

We use certified European origin materials ,preserving the quality both in the field of production and as a finite product.

  • Versatility

We will handle all your orders regardless of quantity. We have the equipment that makes us versatile.

  • Result

We aim at improving our services every day so that we provide the best output for our customers.

  • Offset / Digital Pages / Commercial Forms

Cards / Envelopes / Headers printed forms / Advertisment Brochures / Folders / Files / Labels/ Posters / Invitations / Tickets / Lottery tickets / Event programmes / Instructions for use /Calendars / Notebooks / Coasters / Price catalogue / Cardboxes / Samples

  • Digital Printing / Fabric Printing

Posters / Banner / Panels / Shopping window stickers / Walls / Floors/ Self stick Letters /Stickers with Cutting Edges / Stickers for cars and inscriptions / Sand shooting stickers / Stickers One Way Vision / Canvas and Rubber Printing/ Framed fabric printing / Flags / Flying Banners / Roll Up Stands

  • Printed Accountancy Forms

Printed accountancy forms for Laser / Printed roll on accountancy forms / Invoices / Receipt forms /Payment forms / Cheque books / Transportation forms / CMR / List forms/ Waiters’ Notebooks / Order forms / Technical check books / ADR / Printed forms for insurance policies/ Various notebooks for any use



We hope you become one of the innovative businesses assisting the vulnerable people, especially those with vision impairment, helping them to play an active role in the society. The translation of your catalogue in Braille fonts might seem a small step but it will offer a huge reward as you will gain them as valuable customers.

Mandatory the price catalogues in Braille writing in all the company’s branches





OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE changes entirely the way of promoting and presenting the products as we know it. Our new services “OPA MP4” offers the bussinessman the ideal tool for digital presentation and endows your enterprise with the necessary headstart.

Do you own a company and you want to promote your advertising spot using modern electronic means in spaces for accommodation or shops, supermarkets? Do you need it done with low cost compared to the classical printing? No worries.



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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is a greek company headquartered in Brasov, Romania. We are specialized in high level consultancy for the greek companies willing to invest in Romania.

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    Romania: (+040) - 737 849525
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    Str. Margaritarelor nr. 18 cam. 1 Brasov Romania, 500388

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