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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is one of the newest and rapidly developed companies providing both specialized in referral services for new businesses and relocation of existing Greek ones. It can also offer advertising services for businessess in these fields: retail and trade, services, tourism, logistics, construction, processing industry etc. Your investment needs will be fully addressed by a trained and exquisite team of solicitors, accountants, real estate agents, advertising and printing companies and web designers so that your business will benefit from the most efficient start plan.



All that you need to know in detail about your future investment


Being aware and responding to the needs of modern businesses, which look for relocation solutions or merely startups in the developing business climate of Romania, the Greek company OLYMPUS PROJECT SA provides you with professional legal consultant (solicitor), accountant and general consultancy assisting you to extend towards a new market. Our company will provide professional advice on all aspects linked to a business startup and development in Romania. We are here to assist you with any questions you might have. Please find below what tasks we undertake:

  • We will prepare all the necessary documents for start up in Romania
  • We also assist our clients with accountancy solutions to any issues that might arise during the start up process
  • We offer also assistance with accountancy and tax issues, in cooperation with the best accountancy offices in Romania (we can do your accountancy and keep the tax records for small companies)
  • We offer full legal coverage in Romania
  • We offer full and accurate compliant editing of the Company’s Regulations based on your tailored needs.
  • We work in partnership with exquisite translations office for Romanian, Greek and English.
  • We assist you with an accurate organizing of your company right from the beginning.
  • We may help you with your residence permit (should you wish to do so)
  • We may help with finding the right place for your company using our partners in the local real estate market
  • We may also help you find the best deals for a temporary accommodation but also find a flat or a house to live for longer periods of time according to your needs
  • We offer support with printed and e-advertising for your company : business cards, printed banners etc
  • We may assist you with finding the best digital printing advertising solutions on wood, metal, fabric, plastic, glass
  • We also offer support with building the company’s website

Our company works in partnership with solicitors, accountants and real estate agents in all the big cities of Romania: Brasov, Timisoara, Cluj, Arad, Constanta, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Iasi, Craiova, Suceava and charges you the lowest prices for the whole package of startups in any of the cities above. We are very quick, reliable and accurate in all our services.

The Greek company OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE may assist with legal representatives in Romania. The procedure is quite simple, fast and relies on statements of the business administrators and his associates/shareholders.


Romania is a Balkan country enjoying a democratic regime (presidential republic) it is a NATO and EU member, has had a rapid economic progress in the past decade, ahead of Greece in what regards tackling business’s start up, no matter if small or large, new or already existing. It is easy and no time consuming to get in Romania, either by car or by plane.

It has been described as the largest country and market in the Balkans region and it is an important trade partner of Greece. The most significant investments are in the fields of: energy, industry, informational technology, constructions and retail trade. Many foreign investors have shown a great interest in starting up a business in one of the most promising trade climates in the Balkans. What makes it economically attractive is not only the products but also the services and the fact that it enjoys the privileges of full EU membership. It has gradually progressed since 2005. The local currency is LEU-LEI.

There has been an increasing tendency to invest in other countries , to extend their market in order to benefit from it and make use of the positive business climate such as : a flexible tax regime and the low monthly salary. The new or existing businesses are orienting towards other markets to avoid their closures and uncertainty that prevails in Greece. The European Union has 8 programmes dedicated exclusively to middle-size startups with funds up to 3 billion Euros and subsidies of 30-90%.

It is well known that the world economic crisis and the negative impact of it in Greece and Europe demand finding rapid solutions to cover the costs of business operation and to raise the profit.

  • Name approval and structure
  • Designating the shareholders and administrators
  • Full power of attorney to your solicitor
  • Editing the company’s regulations in Romanian-Greek or Romanian-English
  • Deposit of company’s funds in a bank account
  • Submitting the papers to the Trade Department
  • Receipt of the Trade Department approval and foundation certificate
  • Tax papers organized
  • Bookkeeping and register of invoices
  • Registering and payments of VAT
  • Register for VIES
  • Salary payroll for employees (if it is the case)
  • Preparing the file for national insurance contributions
  • Customs registration number issue
  • Regular VAT invoices
  • Printing monthly balance of payments
  • Income tax statements
  • VAT returns
  • Publishing the data concerning the balance of payments
  • Yearly financial and overall statements


  • If you might be deterred by the fact that you do not know the Romanian language, do not worry as you will be accompanied by an official interpreter together with a solicitor or a business advisor who are fluent in Greek. We advise you not to trust someone who hasn’t got the necessary credentials for this job.
  • If you want to rely on some professional for laying the foundation of the company, we recommended you to sign a service provider agreement, where it should be clearly stated what are his tasks, obligations and his expected salary.
  • We advise you not to sign any documents without making sure that all the content has been translated accurately and you have fully understood it.
  • Do not forget to collect all the receipts and keep them.
  • A company might have one or more shareholders. The Romanian legal framework allows a foreigner to be the sole shareholder and /without shareholders regardless of their ethnicity.
  • You will need an accountant and an accountancy office.
  • When you sign a rental contract for the legal company’s head office you must be sure that it makes provision towards the following: that you are allowed to work there, to have an office. There are some non experts who will rent you a space, but will not allow you to actually work there. They are covered by the law and you might find yourselves that you will not be able to prove to the tax authorities where does your company operate!

Trust us, as we serve your interest!

For more information call us to make an apointment, in order to discuss the details.

We’re addresing to businessmen willing to invest in Romania market. The information on this site doesn’t represent advise to disobey the local laws, there only consultancy articles for your information. We are against any action of avoidance of Greek taxation system. The articles in this site are for information purposes only and doesn’t represent incentives for investment or other business action. Such practice require thorough study and cooperation with appropriate parteners, technicians, lawyers, accountants and other specialists.


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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is a greek company headquartered in Brasov, Romania. We are specialized in high level consultancy for the greek companies willing to invest in Romania.

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