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All the partnerships that you build with our company prove profitable for your business as anyone may now enjoy his drink while working, without going out and wasting valuable time.


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Provides complete packages for vending machines for all the fields of activity and it is destined to: trade industry, hospitals, medical examination centres, beauty parlours, fitness centers, betting shops, car sales shops, radio stations,IT offices, banks, consultancy and insurance offices, touristic offices, train stations, transport companies, hotels, pharmacies, car assistance companies, malls, educational centres and hospitality centres, in all the places where there is a large number of customers/ visitors daily.

The coffee machines are very modern, using the latest technology with CPU processor, easy to program and command and to use even by someone who is not an expert. They operate with Euro coins or bank notes /Lei coins/bank notes and they release change.

Our company is here to assist you and to meet all your needs, whether you decide to purchase or rent them. We distribute them all over Romania.

OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is a Brasov based company and provides installation of coffee machines at your place. You may rent or buy them. You can enjoy a variety of fizzy drinks and coffee. We can offer expert advice on installation and how to use these machines.

We are very efficient and we find the best solution based on the space and the location of the client.

We rely on our expert team which works very hard to deliver a great service to all our customers in a short time.

We can also assist you with a post installation maintenance of these machines and therefore your question or need will be addressed any time, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE offers solutions for everyone.

  • Our prices are the lowest in the market , our competitors do not stand a chance.
  • We are by your side with advice and after sale maintenance.
  • Our company researches the market and responds to modern businessess needs.
  • We offer accurate and trustworthy solutions for the most difficult situations.
  • We will guide you and assist you every step of the way so that we will conceive a sound plan for your business.
  • You offer a high quality customer service 24 hours.
  • You improve the image of your business.
  • Enlarge the circle of your activities.
  • You pay a small price for high value services.

Exquisite machines for manufacturing cold and hot beverages. They are endowed with grounding coffee bean system. In no time you may enjoy a delicious flavoured coffee!

The coffee machines for hot and cold beverages distributed by OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE may be installed in small to medium-average size spaces. More and more businessess choose the coffee machines to offer a drink to their staff as well as to their customers. Our company differs through the quality of the services delivered, the products and the good managers. Since the beginning our company strove to bring the best machines on the market. The coffee machines not only save you money but also offer various snacks, drinks in a clean and easy manner, available any time all year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours.

As mentioned before there is a low cost compared to a small coffee shop that is run with staff and you need to calculate their salary. The coffee machines offer the same services but do not need paid holidays, insurance schemes and retirement packages. The range of beverages may be chosen by you and also you can decide which is the best machine for you having read their technical features (link) or contact us for more information.


  • They have an in-built power adapter from 220V to 24V which controls the flow of electricity. Perhaps the best energy-saving machines on the market.
  • It is one of the newest and technologically advanced on the European market and has a very stylish design.
  • They are serviced on regular basis according to the instruction manual, replacement parts needed are brought from the same manufacturing factories and they are properly cleaned and disinfected to maintain the health and safety of the customers.
  • They have in-built grounding system for coffee beans Espresso, system electronically controlled so that it produces fresh beverages.
  • They include freezing systems built and installed by the manufacturer , which make cold beverages. Other type of machines have the freezers installed afterward.
  • The quality of the beverages is never altered as the central electronic systems enables an overall control.
  • They have coin slots and gives change which can be connected to other payment system using bank cards or banknotes.
  • They have special water filters which are replaced every 6 months or after 12.000 beverages have been consumed. In this way the water supply is kept clean and free of microorganisms, chloride etc.
  • The tray to take away your drink is protected with a small door which acts as obstacle for any dirt, insects which may contaminate the drinks.
  • The operation of the machines is certified by the manufacturers and they can be approved without any other requirements by the Consumers Department of Health and Safety
  • They are noiseless, they are small (1 square meter) and are operating 24 hours.
  • They have already been tested in some hospitals, insurance offices and they have been deemed as safe and trustworthy. They have a friendly user control panel, easy beverage tracing and easly accessible to vulnerable categories of people (disabled).

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OLYMPUS PROJECT ASE is a greek company headquartered in Brasov, Romania. We are specialized in high level consultancy for the greek companies willing to invest in Romania.

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